What is the advantage?

You may be wondering what the benefit of a Gunderwear subscriptionis.

It is already nice to be surprised with new underwear, but it is also more advantageous than ordering directly from the brands. Through good agreements with the designers, we can offer quality underwear at a competitive price.

We have made an example calculation in which you would receive the following in a year’s time;

3 x Andrew Christian
3 x AussieBum
2 x Addicted
1 x Pump!
1 x Sukrew
1 x Spartas
1 x Barcode Berlin

If you would order this separately from the official webshops of the brands, you would spend between €24.50 and €46.64 per month. In total, you would spend €424.95 in a year, averaging €35.41 per month. The amount is particularly high due to the international shipping costs, customs clearance and custom costs that are calculated. Click on the brand names to see how the amounts have been calculated per brand.

If you subscribed to Gunderwear, it would only cost you €25. That’s a saving of over €10 per month!

Clearance and customs costs

If you buy your underwear from outside Europe, you will be able to deal with customs clearance costs. These costs will be charged because you are expected to pay Value Added Tax (VAT) on purchases within the EU. That VAT is 21%, the same you pay in a shop when you buy clothes.

In addition to VAT, import duties (also called customs duties) may also be charged if the value of the goods is more than €150. Duty on underwear is 11%.

The VAT is charged by the dealer of the parcel, for example PostNL, UPS, DHL. They will charge a handling fee. These costs are between €10 and €17.50 per consignment. For example, PostNL charges €13.50.

So always pay attention if you order something from a webshop abroad. Prevent a good deal from turning into a disappointment. Shipments of Gunderwear are always sent from the Netherlands, which means no unexpected additional costs.

You will never get a charge for additional costs if you sign up for a Gunderwear subscription. We have already paid these costs for you.

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