What's the benefit?

You may be wondering what the benefit of one is Gunderwear Subscription.

In any case, it is nice to be surprised with new underwear every month, but it is also cheaper than ordering yourself. Through good agreements with the designers, we can offer branded underwear at a competitive price.

We have made an example calculation of what the difference in costs would be if you ordered monthly underwear directly from the designers compared to a Gunderwear subscription:


2EROS and Supawear deliver from Australia. Regardless of the order amount, you pay €13,50 clearance costs for these shipments and then 21% VAT on the value of your order. If you order for more than €150,- you also pay an extra 11% import duties on the value of your order. Pay attention; from 1 July 2021, the exemption of €22 will expire.

Andrew Christian delivers from America, with taxes pre-paid. The other brands supply from the EU.

If you were to order underwear separately from the official web stores of the brands for a year, you would have lost a total of € 529,76. A Gunderwear subscription with briefs, jocks and boxers combined costs €24,99 per month. That makes €299,88 for a year.

With a Gunderwear Subscription you are more than 43%, or € 229,88 cheaper!

Click on the brands to see how the amounts were calculated per brand: 

2EROS Boxer
Addicted briefs
Andrew Christian Jockstrap
ES Collection Boxer
Barcode Berlin briefs
Supawear Jockstrap
Addicted Boxer
Andrew Christian briefs
ES Collection Jockstrap
Supawear Boxer
2EROS Briefs
Barcode Berlin Jockstrap


Clearance and customs charges

If you buy underwear from online stores that ship from outside the EU, you may have to deal with customs clearance costs. These costs are charged because you are expected to pay Value Added Tax (VAT) on purchases within the EU. That VAT is 21%, the same what you pay in a store in the Netherlands when you buy clothes.

In addition to VAT, Import duties (also called customs duties) may also be charged if the value of the goods is more than € 150. Import duties on underwear are 11%.

The settlement of the VAT is carried out by the handler of the package, for example PostNL, UPS, DHL. They charge Handling Costs for this. These costs are between € 10 and € 17,50 per shipment. PostNL, for example, charges € 13,50.

So always pay attention when you order something from a webshop abroad. Don't let a good deal turn into a disappointment. Shipments from Gunderwear are always sent from the Netherlands, so never unexpected additional costs.

You will never receive an assessment for additional costs if you purchase a Gunderwear Subscription shut down. We have already paid these costs for you.

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