Gunderwear Underwear Subscription

24.99 per month / per knickers

With the Gunderwear Underwear Subscription you will receive surprise underwear from 2eros, Addicted, Andrew Christian, Barcode Berlin,
ES Collection,
Supawear or Sukrewevery month.

You can choose whether you only want to receive briefs or alternating briefs and boxers.

After a first paymet, automatix direct debit follows. Can be stopped at any time. Or opt for a pre-paid subscription and receive monthly new underwear for up to a year!

How it works


Join and pay immediately for the current month


2 In a week you will receive your underwear


3 The monthly amount is then depreciated by direct debit


4 Every 1st Saturday *) of the month you will receive new underwear

You missed this

October: Barcode Berlin

May: Barcode Berlin

June: Addicted

July: 2eros

August: Andrew Christian

September: Supawear

October: Andrew Christian MASSIVE

November: ES Collection

December: Gunderwear surprise

This way you choose the right size

The sizes are determined according to your trouser size in inches.

A trouser size is referred to as width x length. Is this 32×34, then you select: 32. Is this 29×34, then you select: 29. Etc.

With the pants size we send each brand the corresponding size. Below is a size chart:

Gunderwear ondergoed maattabel

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