2EROS Adonis Thong Black

This product is currently not in stock.

This product is currently not in stock.

The Australian 2EROS has been on the road for 10 years and is known for eye-catching colors (combinations) and stylish models. The designers often use silky soft fabrics that feel pleasant. It is not for nothing that the name 2EROS is derived from the Greek god of lust and love. You will feel extra loved in underwear from 2EROS.

Underwear description for this one string from 2EROS:

Adonis is the epitome of beauty and desire. It is made from premium Egyptian cotton known for its high durability, ultra-absorbency and softness. It's also lightweight and super breathable thanks to the porous nature of Egyptian cotton. Plus, Egyptian cotton is known to be gentle on the skin, making it perfect for sensitive skin.


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95% Cotton, 5% Elastane

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