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Create your own light show with this reusable, rechargeable LED mouth mask! Limited edition - only 150 made.

Wear your mask with style. The American underwear designer Andrew Christian has a series of colorful, stylish mouth masks designed for everyday use. Be a trendsetter with the cheerful, fresh designs!

Description of Andrew Christian: The luminous LED Light Show Mask is a re-usable, rechargeable, non-medical face mask designed with a soft, lightweight fiber optic cloth to create a truly unique and easily-breathable wearing experience. The USB rechargeable LED battery is hidden inside the single-switch controller (USB cable included) which provides 4-color flash modes with 6 beautiful luminous color lights. The over-the-ear straps and stretch fabric will offer a comfortable, secure fit.

- Reusable non-medical face mask
USB rechargeable LED battery and USB cable included
- One button switch, 4 color flash modes with 6 luminous lights
- One-size-fits-all stretch for a secure fit
- Easily breathable with over-the-ear straps
- Soft, lightweight fiberglass cloth for comfort
- Not a medical product, made for personal use only
- This product does not provide anti-microbial or anti-virus protection
- Wash daily or after each use
- Keep the USB charging port switch away from water
- Hand wash cold (wash daily or after each use)
- Gently wipe to wash, avoid rubbing the fiber optic threads to avoid possible damage
- Do not iron
- Don't steam
- DO NOT machine wash
- DO NOT expose it to sun or high temperatures
- Face masks are not eligible for return or exchange
- Designed in the Andrew Christian Design Studio in Los Angeles, California

This mouth mask can be temporarily pre-ordered at Gunderwear and will be delivered no later than 15 August. This also applies to other items in the same order.


Andrew Christian




Elastane, Cotton, Polyester

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