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Create your own light show with this reusable, rechargeable LED mouth mask! Limited edition - only 150 made.

Wear your mask with style. The American underwear designer Andrew Christian has a series of colorful, stylish mouth masks designed for everyday use. Be a trendsetter with the cheerful, fresh designs!

Description of Andrew Christian: A light show synced to the beat! The luminous Sound Activated LED Mask is a sound-sensored, re-usable, rechargeable, non-medical face mask reactive to nearby noises, voices, and music with multiple flash modes to create a mesmerizing light show. As you speak, the lights will react and flow with the beat of your voice, absolutely amazing to watch! The USB rechargeable LED battery is hidden inside the single-switch controller (USB cable included). It's designed with a soft, lightweight fiber optic cloth and over-the-ear straps to create a truly unique and easily-breathable wearing experience that offers a comfortable, secure fit. Complete easy-to-use instructions provided.

- Reusable non-medical face mask
USB rechargeable LED battery and USB cable included
- Responds to sound
- One-size-fits-all stretch for a secure fit
- Easily breathable with over-the-ear straps
- Soft, lightweight fiberglass cloth for comfort
- Not a medical product, made for personal use only
- This product does not provide anti-microbial or anti-virus protection
- Wash daily or after each use
- Keep the USB charging port switch away from water
- Hand wash cold (wash daily or after each use)
- Gently wipe to wash, avoid rubbing the fiber optic threads to avoid possible damage
- Do not iron
- Don't steam
- Do not wash in the machine
- Do not expose it to sun or high temperatures
- Face masks are not eligible for return or exchange
- Designed in the Andrew Christian Design Studio in Los Angeles, California


Andrew Christian




Elastane, Cotton, Polyester

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