Sukrew Dorchester Thong Black

Sukrew Dorchester Thong Black

This product is currently not in stock.

This product is currently not in stock.

Anchored by a glittering gold logo waistband, the Dorchesterstring your buttocks with a steep curve in a deep black fabric string. Sensually soft and silky, while breathable, our polyamide elastane gives ultimate comfort and begs to be touched. The signature SUKREWpouch is substantial, fits your pack perfectly and offers a dramatically improved look and supportive feel.

Sukrew stands for Sexual Unity Krew. The purpose of Sukrew is designing underwear with a high wearing comfort in which men feel comfortable. The brand became known by launching the U Trunk. This had an opening at the crotch, through which the genitals had free play. The Full Trunk soon followed, a tight boxer without opening at the cross. The underwear brand now also offers Jocks and Thongs, offering a complete range of underpants models.


S, M, L, XL






80% Polyamide, 20% Elastane


15% Elastane, 22% Polyester, 63% Polyamide

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