Gunderwear Surprise Underwear Box

Gunderwear Surprise Underwear Box

Do you also find it so difficult to choose and do you actually like everything? Then the Gunderwear Surprise Underwear Box a nice solution! The underwear box is the one-off variant of the Gunderwear Surprise Underwear Subscription.

With the box you will receive 4, 8 or 12 pieces of underwear from one of our brands. Or go all-in and choose a box with a mix of all the brands mentioned. You are guaranteed to receive unique items.

opt for briefs, boxers, jockstraps or a combination of models and replace your wardrobe in one go with this underwear box!

Extra: 15% discount

After purchasing a Gunderwear Surprise Underwear Box gives you a 15% discount from us for a year on the regular price of individual underwear and accessories in the webshop. For example, you are extra advantageous if you complete your set with a harness, when purchasing swimwear or if you order extra underwear. The discount is automatically visible as soon as you are logged in.

Choosing the right size...

To estimate the correct size, use a tape measure to measure your waist (where the waistband meets the body).

Please note that this measurement is different from the jeans/trouser size. Don't assume your jeans size, assume the actual measurement with a tape measure.

In this table you can see an overview of the dimensions used for the subscription:

Compose your box

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